Stationery designed with mottos to live by?

When a gift shop started their own brand of stationery, they turned to us for assistance.

The brand was to reflect their promise of fun and sassy stationery with a quality feel.

For the logo we used a scripty font with tweaks for individual letters and a small underline for emphasis. The gold foil was a final touch, but the logo would work in all colours.

The next step was a set of complimentary notepads, A5 in size, with a series of 12 different slogans. Designed to capture the spirit of life in an often humourous context, with imagery as required, the set were to compliment each other when displayed  within the shop, so used tonal colours in dark blue, sea green, pale pink, bright pink, mint and beige.

The imagery was all done in outline and we also had to bear in mind that the print would be in gold foil so needed to be a certain thickness.

Phrases included:
'Nap time is my happy time' with imagery of a sloth
'jot that down…'
'bee happy' with image of a bee
'Look out world I've got my sassy pants on' with image of a flamingo

Next to follow would be A6 pads and pens.

We look forward to seeing them in store soon and deciding which motto our lives should follow!

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